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Essential Tasks To Include On Your Server Room Maintenance Checklist

Server rooms are designed to house servers (of course!) and other relevant networking hardware with design considerations for ventilation, HVAC vents, and fire suppression system. Server rooms play an extremely critical role in organizations' operations. Therefore, it is imperative to keep them well-maintained and function at the highest efficiency level.

Small businesses don't always have the capacity and skills to perform server room maintenance properly. If you are in a similar situation, outsource your server room maintenance to professional technology service providers like Surelock Technology, your trusted IT & electronic solutions provider in Lawrenceville, GA.

General Server Room Maintenance

The following are some essential maintenance activities:

  • Space Utilization: You should ensure that the server room, racks, and equipment, are all spaced appropriately with allowance for airflow aisle around the hardware. The general condition of the room is noted for required repairs or insect infestation. Potential leaks, heat marks, and exit/entry signs visibility are crucial.
  • Environmental Protection: Dust accumulation can occur on server room surfaces and within the hardware, hence the need for regular deep cleaning to remove the dust and debris. Hermetic seals are ideal for creating a server containment room that can be dust-proofed for longer.
  • Cable & Connectivity: No loose connections, rusty connectors, damaged cables, and airflow obstruction should be allowed. These are hazards for short-circuiting, overheating & disconnection.

Critical Infrastructure Evaluation

  • Ventilation & Cooling: Robust HVAC systems with unobstructed vents and graded filters installed at critical vent openings.
  • Power Protection: Functional auxiliary power units for uninterrupted energy flow as a contingency. Regulate the gap between the switch to alternative power systems.
  • Metering: Monitor energy consumption across the server components & distributors.
  • Containment Monitoring: Ensure sensors for temperature, humidity, & containment breach are functioning optimally.
  • Fire Suppression: Check suppression agents, alarm panel function, power connections & batteries in fire sensors.
  • Surveillance: Inspection of access control systems, IP video surveillance, motion detection, & IR sensors.

Server Hardware Management

Some companies have dedicated IT support staff for server operation maintenance, while others outsource their IT, cybersecurity, & cloud management functions to specialists like us. In Lawrenceville, GA, outsourcing server room management to Surelock Technology is your best bet for seamless operations and uncompromised server room containments.

Schedule Your Server Room Maintenance With Us!

The most effective form of server room maintenance is preventative maintenance. It is meant to identify areas of concern for remediation before an incident occurs.

Planned maintenance routine based on OEM's recommended instructions is also essential. The manufacturer-certified personnel carry out the visit and provide easier availability of replacements, spares, technical info, & firmware upgrades.

Ensure your server room is maintained with each inspection documented for ease in warranties & returns. Surelock Technology provides robust IT solutions for devices, cable managing, networking & security, and cloud solutions. And we offer follow-up maintenance as well so that your business is executed seamlessly without disruptions.

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