IT Management

Our monthly managed services take the burden off of your shoulders by handling your business’ I.T. needs on a daily basis. Unlike professional services, our monthly managed services involve maintaining and managing a wide range of technical processes to ensure your business’s I.T. infrastructure runs smoothly.

By offering both co-managed and fully managed contracts around the clock, we cover services such as; setting up network infrastructures, providing security for your computer systems, running checks on your business servers, and repairing technical faults on your cell phones, laptops, and desktops!

SureLock Technology builds a customized package for businesses depending on their organizational size. Big or small, we cover it all!

Our technicians hold several years of experience in the field of managing, maintaining, and operating faulty infrastructures. This is why you can be at ease, knowing your business’s software and hardware’s security is in total headlock thanks to our team at SureLock Technology.

Our tech experts will come to you in the speed of light to repair issues related to your company’s tablets, phones, laptops, printers, and computers. Our team members are well-known perfectionists. Everything from supporting basic computer needs, to working with proprietary software applications, is thoroughly managed and supported by our I.T. specialists!

Cutting down your maintenance expenses and improving your business’s operations means everything to us. We are always on the hunt to resolve as many features of your organization’s technical infrastructure as possible and is why we are not shy to pinpoint each problem to our customers. We do this to keep them in the loop of which aspects are being fixed, and to also teach them along the way the importance of having a highly-secured I.T. system.

Is your business in need of a computer or phone repair? If so, you can obtain our services by signing up for a free check-up on or paying our store a visit in Lawrenceville, GA! You make also make inquiries by calling us at (678) 729-9647.