National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance or NCPA in short, is an authorized national government association that issues contracts to businesses and public agencies in all 50 states. The purpose of an NCPA contract is to verify that SureLock Technology's services and products are fairly priced, with utmost importance given to the performance and quality of components used and supplied to customers.

Contracts, SureLock Technology

With our NCPA certified contract, we guarantee that we cooperate to reduce the cost of goods and services without taking advantage of our customer's purchasing power. An NCPA contract validates our range of services and products to our customers and authorizes us, SureLock Technology, as a verified agency providing I.T. maintenance and repair services to businesses located in Lawrenceville, GA.

Having an NCPA contract means we have obtained verification to use authentic and high-quality resources and solutions for our business customers while keeping our prices economical.

Here are other agencies that require an NCPA contract:

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Religious organizations such as churches
  • State agencies including commissions, institutions, universities, private colleges, community colleges, all state departments, and all other units of a government
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Schools including charter schools and private K-12 schools