Since 2010, we have stood at the forefront of technological innovation.

We Don't Just Keep Pace with Technological Evolution; We Drive It

Our mission is clear: to empower our clients by enabling them to harness the full spectrum of technological advancements, achieving unprecedented productivity and efficiency.

Evolving Expertise and Unwavering Commitment

SureLock Technology's story is one of constant evolution and dedication. Over the years, we have expanded our expertise, embracing diverse skill sets and emerging technologies. However, the cornerstone of our success remains unchanged - our people. Our team, with their deep expertise and unwavering commitment, truly sets us apart. We invest heavily in our personnel, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge and certifications. This commitment to excellence translates into superior service for our clients, and a collaborative, innovative environment for our team.


Fastest Growing Private Company in the US


Fastest Growing Private Company in Georgia


Fastest Growing IT Company

Gold Status




Our Trophy Case

SureLock Technology has rapidly distinguished itself with multiple accolades, reflecting its exponential growth and industry impact. In 2022, Inc. 5000 recognized us as the 112th fastest-growing private company in the U.S. and the 6th fastest-growing in the Southeast. 2023 saw further honors, with a rise to 86th nationwide, 3rd in Georgia, 5th in U.S. IT Management, and 3rd fastest-growing in Atlanta. Our recent Dell Gold Partner status achievement cements our commitment to delivering top-tier, innovative technology solutions.

Our Core Values

  • Speed: We understand the importance of agility in a fast-paced world. Our solutions are designed to keep you ahead, ensuring rapid deployment and swift adaptation to the changing market.
  • Respect: We believe in mutual respect, which is the foundation of every successful relationship. This respect extends to our customers, partners, and team members, encompassing all our interactions and decisions.
  • Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We aim not just to meet your expectations but to consistently exceed them, delivering a customer experience that is second to none.
  • Commitment: At the heart of SureLock Technology is our pledge to integrity and excellence. Our commitment is twofold: to our customers, ensuring we deliver on our promises, and to our core principles, upholding integrity in all our endeavors.

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