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5 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Printer

Nothing lasts forever, even your trusty office printer! The average small-business printer's lifespan is 2-3 years maximum. However, unsurprisingly, many business owners are apprehensive about letting go of a printer after such a seemingly short period.

Here are some indications that your printer is breathing its last and requires a replacement!

1. Your Printing Requirements Have Increased

When companies grow, so do their printing requirements. If what used to be the ideal printer suddenly begins to hinder your efficiency and costs you more, then this is one of the most evident signs that it's time to replace your printer.

Printers are indeed an essential part of running a successful company today. Plus, printing expenses are regarded as among the most necessary business expenses. So, ensure an efficient, high-quality printer that fulfills your printing needs and produces exceptional printing results.

2. Your Old Printer Requires Costly Repairs

An outdated printer doesn't just slow things down, it also wastes a lot of ink. The expense of printer ink cartridges rises as the printer gets older. A printer's average life expectancy is two to three years, and if you believe printers are usable until they can no longer be repaired, you're mistaken. An old printer's elevated costs would be greater than the price of a new printer.

3. Printing Technology That Is No Longer Beneficial Or Outdated

As mentioned earlier, obsolete printing technologies frequently result in increased printing expenses for your business. However, even if your old printer is performing its job just fine, your workplace could still be operating at an inefficient level as compared with your competitors!

For example, many of the latest printers on the market boast wireless connectivity and the printing from mobile devices. If your competitor is using a brand-new wireless printer, while your staff can't print an important file because it is sitting on their mobile phone; so, they need to first email it to themselves then download it onto their PC before printing, it's quite clear who is using time more efficiently!

4. You're Getting Poor Results

It could be the ideal time for an updated printer if you're continuously fighting the urge to swear at your printer because of what it produced when you tried to print a simple Excel file.

Every electronic gadget has internal or external defects that cause it to slow down or function poorly from time to time. However, if that's an everyday challenge at your home or office, you need to get rid of your old printer and get a new one.

5. It Can't Be Upgraded

The printer must also grow along with your organization. External scanning, smartphone apps that allow customers, guests, and staff to print without even a wired connection, constructed privacy, and automatic upgrading are all essential functionality today. If your printer doesn't have such features, you know what to do…

Printer maintenance is now achievable from the comfort of your office! If your business is located in Suwanee, GA, schedule a free appointment with SureLock Technology, and we'll drop by your office to check your printer! Our team also offers monthly device services, including device maintenance and repair at budget-friendly rates!