Device Design

SureLock Technology’s monthly device services include customized maintenance and service packages for organizations of all sizes! As a part of our Freedom Plus Plan, we offer businesses unlimited maintenance services on devices such as tablets, phones, laptops, computers, wireless networks, and printers. 

The purpose of creating monthly packages is so that businesses don’t have to call I.T. repair and maintenance companies for installations or repair services every week. By obtaining our monthly package, businesses receive unlimited maintenance and repair services on any technical issue, at any time, anywhere!

This way, businesses can sit back and relax knowing that every technical aspect of their organization is going to be tended to ASAP. So whether your business computers need software installations, data recovery, or virus removal, we fix all technical bugs and difficulties in a flash!

Our specialists are also well-equipped with the skillset and knowledge when it comes to providing unlimited break-fix services.

They understand that your computer, tablet, or company’s phone breaking down is going to put your business’ operations on a standstill. They also know that with a prolonged technical issue, your business will incur a dramatic loss – even if it’s for a few hours! This is why with our unlimited break-fix service; we help fix minor and major technical damages within a matter of a few seconds. 

After all, we want your business to flourish without facing any setbacks along the way!

Hardware costs are known to drill holes in your pocket. But with SureLock Technology, we make sure you don’t have to pay any additional hardware costs – at all! If your computer needs extra parts when installing hardware such as; keyboards, computer data storage, sound cards, speakers, monitors, and motherboards, we go out of the way to eliminate these additional charges as a part of our Freedom Plus Plan service!

Head over to SureLock Technology to get your hands on our remote and on-site services to minimize your devices’ downtime! Book a free consultation visit by clicking on or call us at (678) 712-5346 to schedule an appointment at our store in Lawrenceville, GA!