Use VoIP To Transform Your Business Right From Home

Use VoIP To Transform Your Business Right From Home

This is the age of remote working. The issues caused by the pandemic encompasses the world. Lockdowns have been imposed worldwide. However, we need to make the most of what we have in these bleak conditions. We can’t just put our businesses on hold till this situation resolves.

No one knows how long it would take or how the economy would be once you decide to resume operations. However, it is in our hands to continue work right now, of course, after making some adjustments. Besides, who doesn’t like staying at home? So why not embrace remote working instead of letting go?

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Remote working can be a bit of a hassle. It can lead to miscommunication since no one can read each other’s body language. Emails can get lost in a sea of others resulting in delays and missed deadlines. Collaborations and teamwork are next to impossible. And conducting meetings is just inefficient—however, a simple solution to all your remote working woes – VoIP.

VoIP can help you stay connected with your business to the point where you won’t notice the difference of whether you are working from the office or home. Below are a few benefits of VoIP.


All data is stored on a virtual private server (VPS) or cloud so that you can access and edit your files, documents, client information, contacts, and phone numbers from anywhere at any time. 


Your business will save a lot on installation, equipment costs, and monthly provider rates. You won’t need to employ an in-house IT department and can cut down on running costs like rent and electricity if everyone is working remotely.


VoIP offers your team several features, including calling, SIP trunking, chatting, call forwarding, call parking, auto-attendant, codecs, voicemail to email messaging, packet switching, voicemail, and more. Plus, you can use features to contact both your colleagues and customers.

Moreover, you can unify your communications. Instead of acquiring the services of two separate service providers, one for phone and the other for internet, just get VoIP that way. You can combine them into one service.


Let us clear one more misconception. You can collaborate on projects while working remotely. Remote working doesn’t mean working all alone. If there is a rush order or a project that requires more than one person’s expertise, then VoIP also makes collaboration easier through a range of options that combine cloud, CMS, and communication channels.

You can correspond through the VoIP app or on the online dashboard. You can leave comments in project folders and documents. Do video and audio calls. And simultaneously, edit or work on a document.


You can increase the features in your VoIP plan, and some devices allow you to set up VoIP on your existing devices.

The scalability VoIP offers will reduce the need for much investment in hardware. Since everything is on the cloud, the number of users can be increased in little time, but for a small cost. This means you can have your remote business up and running within a week.


Some employees perform better from home, while others might like to work from home for a few days. Either way, there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks to cloud computing, they can work from anywhere and access any file they want, as far as they have authorization. On top of that, they will perform better since they will be conserving the energy and time they spend commuting.

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