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Every computer is installed with some sort of security system, but how do you know yours is fully secured? SureLock Technology offers various degrees of security assessments depending on the number of computers your business operates on and the size of your computer network.

Since every business operates through computers and mobile phones, it is crucial to carry out frequent security checks to shield your company's details. Our security experts cater to secure and quick solutions for every business by assessing your computer's current security level.

If the security level is low, our experts get to work with securing your web, mobile phone, and desktop applications to avoid security risks down the line. We verify networks, systems, and both existing and new applications to ensure your company's resources are fully safeguarded.

Assessments are critical because they give our experts, and business owners, insight as to why information is getting leaked, or why precious data is being deleted or lost. Our team of consultants delves into filling major gaps found in the computer's system - the same gaps that create a pathway for malicious hackers and threats to penetrate through!

But that's not enough. Our experts go deeper to fix the root of the problem.

Knowing the 'why' behind a compromised security system is even more important. We pin down vulnerabilities found in a business's networking system to prevent future attacks from happening over and over again. Knowing the 'why' snips these problems from occurring repeatedly and that's exactly what our service assessment experts offer!

Stop hackers from unauthorized access into your system with our security assessment services. We offer both free of charge security assessments to highly-engaging paid security evaluations based on the degree of data insecurity encountered by the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How can I integrate security into my software development lifecycle?


Integrate security into the SDLC by incorporating threat modeling during the design phase, applying secure coding practices, conducting regular security testing such as penetration tests and code reviews, and maintaining comprehensive documentation of security measures. Engage in continuous monitoring and updating to address new threats as they arise.

Q What are some best practices for application security?


Best practices for application security include input validation, using parameterized queries to prevent SQL injection, enforcing proper error handling, encrypting sensitive data, implementing role-based access control, and conducting regular vulnerability scans and code reviews.

Q How do I ensure my cloud resources are securely configured?


Ensure secure cloud configurations by using infrastructure as code for repeatable and consistent deployment, applying strong identity and access management policies, encrypting data in transit and at rest, continuously monitoring for misconfigurations, and implementing automated security checks and alerts.

Q What are the main principles of zero trust security?


The main principles of zero trust security include never implicitly trusting any entity inside or outside the network, verifying and authenticating all users and devices before granting access, applying least privilege access, and using micro segmentation to limit lateral movement within the network.