The Ultimate Workstation Shared Storage Solution (Intel Optane SSDs)

The Ultimate Workstation Shared Storage Solution (Intel Optane SSDs)

Securing information is a challenging task that keeps large companies like Zoom, Twitter, and Nintendo on their toes. Data breaches and hacks are becoming quite widespread as no company or business is safe from cybercriminals today. Given the risk of cyber-attacks, data security has become immensely significant for businesses of all sizes.

Having the ultimate workstation shared storage improves data security as companies can manage caches and tiers quickly. A shared storage solution also enables high performance as multiple users can access large files in a system while streaming many HD or 4K files immediately. This reduces bottlenecks while improving overall data security.

At SureLock Technologies in Atlanta, we offer various operating systems and IT network infrastructure to small and medium-sized businesses. As proponents of shared storage and single-user systems, we recommend the Intel Optane SSDs to our clients. Using the Optane SSDs helps deliver the ultimate workstation shared storage solution that gives you the best results.

Here is some basic information about Intel Optane SSD that proves its superior performance over other such solutions.

Setting the Ultimate Workstation

Professional users can access shared storage in several ways. Although NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a great option, its performance profile is not good enough. This is why many professionals prefer using locally attached storage which uses a faster and much more efficient interface like the Thunderbolt. However, the problem with this is that it only works for a single device as the storage is pretty low.

Intel Optane SSD, on the other hand, is a shared solution that bridges critical gaps in the hierarchy of memory and storage. The SSD delivers endless memory pools with both fast caching and storage. The SSD combines large-capacity memory tiers with regular data persistence helping organizations secure more information and consolidate a higher workload increasing performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Faster Read and Write Speeds

The Intel Optane memory offers significantly high speed. The memory can transfer data at a rate of 1.4 GB/s, which is considerably faster than other SSDs.

The Optane memory helps in boosting your system’s overall performance. The memory works as a cache linking the storage, processor, and memory. The Optane memory also works as cache storage responsible for temporarily storing files that increase the accessibility rate for SSD and HDD. This significantly reduces the loading and launching rates of games and programs, increasing your system’s overall performance, as mentioned above.

If you’re looking for a reliable IT solution and infrastructure for your workplace in Atlanta, then SureLock Technologies is the right place for you. We provide convenient data storage solutions to our clients, including Intel Optane SSDs, which boost system performance and workplace productivity. We also offer data management services and a range of IT products.

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