In-House Vs. Outsourced IT Support – Which One Is Best For Your Business?

In-House Vs. Outsourced IT Support – Which One Is Best For Your Business?

All businesses today have some IT requirements or the other. Whether it is to secure critical data or automate day to day operations, every firm today is dependent on technology.

Firms that don’t move forward with the times end up out of business. So advancement is necessary. However, keeping an IT infrastructure running seamlessly requires attention and maintenance.

To solve their IT woes, they have no choice but to either set up their own IT department or acquire an IT firm like SureLock Technology.

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If you are considering if you should outsource your IT support or see to it in-house, look at the pros and cons stated below:

In-house IT Support


  • No need to try contacting someone for support or resolution of any problems. There is a team available in the office who can start fixing the issue immediately
  • The company themself will directly oversee all operations
  • No external entity will have access to the firm’s confidential information or data
  • Since all IT operations are internally being dealt with, customized solutions and services can be designed


  • There will be a high running and maintenance cost (IT equipment, space, electricity, etc.) to keep the IT networks up
  • Recruitment costs and staff salaries of professionals in the department
  • Can’t close down department without notice or employee compensation or the staff might file a lawsuit against wrongful termination
  • Finding the right professionals is a hassle
  • Increases work as now another department needs to be overseen.

Outsourced IT Support


  • Saves money that would have gone in running the IT infrastructure internally (hardware/software needs, electricity, storage space, cooling equipment, etc.)
  • Allows full focus to remain on the company’s operations without them being diverted towards IT – saves time and effort
  • No need to hire or maintain a team internally
  • Paying a subscription fee is cheaper than running an internal department.
  • Experts are available 24/7
  • Services can be terminated at any time.


  • Have to pay a fixed annual, monthly or per-user subscription fee for a bundle regardless of whether you are using all services or not
  • A complaint needs to be filed to get any issue resolved

Creating a department for IT support is a hefty fixed cost. And outsourcing IT support is a cheaper alternative that can help businesses cut costs.

Having an internal IT support department is not a burden for large firms. But small and medium-sized businesses need to bring down their expenses if they want to remain profitable in this competitive market.

Hopefully, now you will have realized that outsourcing is a better option for businesses in Sugar Hill and all across the Metro Atlanta area. So click here to get a free quote for IT infrastructure maintenance and support services from SureLock Technology.