How Hosted Voice Can Change The Game For Your Business

How Hosted Voice Can Change The Game For Your Business

Many business owners in Snellville, GA think doing everything in-house saves money. But this is not always the case. 

With technology making new strides by the moment, companies of all sizes can manage their time and money with greater innovation. Today, we will talk about how hosted voice can become a game-changer for your business. 

What is Hosted Voice?

The public telephone network continues to dominate communications at home and work. But in the last few years, an increasing number of companies have wholly or partially transitioned to Voice over Internet Protocol, or simply VoIP. 

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VoIP allows you to make calls over the internet instead of landline, and it comes with all the standard features of a telephone (call forwarding, voice messaging, etc.). The technology has been around for decades but is only gaining popularity as high-speed internet becomes ubiquitous. 

Many businesses are using a hybrid model, incorporating VoIP in their existing PBX (private branch exchange) lines. Other companies prefer to use hosted PBX.

And while both have their benefits, we will focus on hosted VoIP in this blog. 

Lower Expenses

Since you are already paying both for the internet and phone, it makes sense to adopt hosted VoIP and lower your phone bills. And if you are setting up a new office, you can avoid the double hassle of laying out a phone line along with LAN. 

With hosted VoIP, you can make low cost and free calls, even internationally. This does wonders for businesses that serve customers abroad. 

Minimum Disruption

Hosted VoIP doesn’t require extensive wiring or hardware like a regular phone network. You just need to invest in handsets and/or headphones with a microphone to start making calls over the internet. This ease of installation means you will face minimal disruption to your business operations when installing or hosted voice. 

And when you want to update your plan or install new features, you can do with a few clicks. No hardware or software needed.  

Communicate Remotely

With work from home becoming common, hosted voice enables companies to communicate remotely without spending extra. Your employees can connect with the company’s VoIP service through their mobile, laptop, and phone. This is one of the many ways in which hosted voice offers flexibility to companies. 

Advanced Features

Finally, hosted VoIP offers an amazing line-up of features that give your business a competitive advantage. Features like auto-responders and voicemail transcription boost operational efficiency and improve customer service. 

VoIP also allows you to keep track of call data easily. 

With further technological innovations and the introduction of 5G data plans, you can enjoy even greater capabilities with your hosted VoIP. 

These are some of the ways hosted voice can benefit businesses of all sizes. If you want to learn more about getting hosted voice in your office, click here to talk to our experts at SureLock Technology.