Emerging Cyber Security Threats To Look Out For In 2021

Emerging Cyber Security Threats To Look Out For In 2021

With 2021 fast approaching, every CISCO’s mind is wandering around one particular question: is the current IT system robust and flexible enough to fight against future threats?

If we look back at 2020, many businesses referred to cybersecurity as an afterthought during the rapid shift from in-house operations to a distance working environment. While they quickly upgraded and adjusted their working strategies according to the COVID-19 measurements, they never realized the threat actors now had more than one way to infect their systems.

Meanwhile, the cybercriminals, hackers, and intruders prepared themselves to evolve as the new reality created by the COVID-19 started setting in. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that today, systems and networks are more vulnerable than ever before.

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Now, let’s take an unsparing look at five cybersecurity threats that will likely have the most significant impact on businesses in the upcoming year.

1. Trojans

Since all corporate files and operations are run from a home network environment, it is easier for cybercriminals to understand the usage trends and launch attacks without raising suspicions. Moreover, advanced malware could also perform invasive activities to discover more valuable data and trends from the remote worker’s home network.

2. AI Poisoning Attacks

Ever since the organizations started integrating AI and machine learning in their system to streamline their processes and operations, cybercriminals have never stopped poisoning their training data. They feed bad data to the program, making the program learn a wrong lesson and eventually produce inaccurate results.

3. Ransomware

Despite several antivirus software and programs to combat ransomware, hackers and cybercriminals always find their way into the system and corrupt files. And as further advancements in viruses are taking place, it is anticipated that the advanced ransomware will evade malware detection programs and effortlessly spread across the system.

4. Cloud Breaches

While cloud environments are supposedly secure and protected, users are responsible for integrating cybersecurity systems with their cloud network. However, several companies do not have such knowledge. This gives cybercriminals the leverage to misconfigure the cloud settings and invade their private space and steal their data.

5. Attacks on IoT(s)

Presently, IoTs are used to capture information, enhance customer experience, manage infrastructure, and more. While many businesses use IoT devices, they aren’t aware that many such devices lack security.

Therefore, it becomes easier for hackers to control the devices and use them according to their interests. Note that once the device control is accessed, cybercriminals can gain access to the network as well.

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