Does Your Small Business Need a Server?

Does Your Small Business Need a Server?

If you are here, chances are that you are probably considering buying a server for your small business.

But if you are still not sure, continue reading as we tell more about why and when small businesses may require servers.

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Meanwhile, here are five signs that you are small business needs a server.

#5 You need a back-up plan

Many small businesses and start-ups have no back-up plan for data loss or theft. In these companies, employees usually back up their PCs, which is not only risky but unproductive, as the person will sit idle when you need to recover data from their machine, or replace the device altogether.

Some businesses have a cloud storage account or external hard drive, but even then you can’t be sure that all employees are following the instructions.

With a server, back-ups become automatic, offering your peace of mind. You will also have the data readily available on-site instead of the cloud, which makes your operations more efficient.

#4 You rely on your Wi-Fi

Your router is not as safe as you might think. Relying entirely on your Wi-Fi is inviting unnecessary risk in your business. This can compromise both your privacy and also put your systems at risk of malware. The truth is, even the best Wi-Fi routers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  

This is yet another solid reason why even small firms should consider investing in a back-up server. If you install a firewall software, it will act as a secure gateway, monitoring malicious activity and blocking traffic from suspicious links. It can even block DOS and other events.

Even if your Wi-Fi does come with a firewall installed, it is unlikely that the manufacturer will continue to update it. That is why your best bet is to invest in a third-party server-based firewall.

#3 Your team is growing

With two or three employees, managing your IT infrastructure is easy. However, when the team grows, and now you have ten or even twenty PCs, IT management becomes difficult and time-consuming.

However, you can make things easier with a dedicated server that is able to push software updates automatically across all devices at a prefigured time, even if the computers are not present onsite. With your server acting as the central repository of all shared resources, all team members have will have access to the latest data and software.

This brings us to the next point.

#2 You need quick access to your data

A server is also necessary if your small business needs constant access to a central repository, like a POS system. This also helps you avoid the fee associated with using cloud services.

You also need a server if your small business uses a lot of video. You can get a server upgraded to your specifications so that file sharing among laptops and desktops becomes faster. 

#1 You want direct control over your data

Control over data is something that companies of all sizes want. With a dedicated server, you need to pay one-time upfront expenses of hardware and software licenses, but the monthly costs are low as compared to the benefits you get.

Sure you can use cloud services, but then you will not have 100% control over your data. Moreover, the cloud costs increase as new members are added to your team.

For all these reasons, you can consider investing in a small business server. Companies in Lawrenceville, Georgia can always reach out to SureLock Technologies for server installation. Click here to learn more about our services. This includes our valet service where we pick up the machine from your office or service at their location.