3 Ways To Assess Your Business Data Security

3 Ways To Assess Your Business Data Security

In today’s business environment, data security is an issue that affects every organization. Whether you’re a small business with one computer or a large company with thousands of servers, the question of how to keep your business data secure should be at the forefront of your concerns.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss three ways you can assess and improve your business’s data security!

1. Review Your IT Policies and Procedures With Employees

One of the best ways to assess business data security is by reviewing your company’s IT policies and procedures. This need not be a formal meeting, but rather an informal conversation about how frequently your staff change their passwords, what kind of business information employees are allowed to share publicly on social media sites, or whether they should use work email accounts for business transactions.

If you do not have an IT policy or clearly defined business processes in place, it’s time to start drafting them and get everyone on board with the new policies.

2. Review Information Stored On Computer Systems

Another critical part of business data security assessment is reviewing information stored on computer systems. It’s crucial to know what type of data you store and whether this content is sensitive business data that requires protection or not.

For example, if your business stores personal credit card information in one location but treats it as a public document elsewhere, you more than likely have a serious business data security issue on your hands.

3. Check the Cloud-Based Services’ Security

Some business owners are using cloud-based services without understanding how to protect their data. You may be unknowingly putting your business at a greater risk of being hacked by not taking the necessary steps to secure your business information. Here are four ways you can protect your business data on cloud platforms:

  • Check if there is an encryption option and use it.
  • Check for a business-grade firewall and use it.
  • Delete unnecessary business data from the cloud folder to minimize your risk of being hacked or exposing data accidentally.
  • Set up two-step authentication on all online accounts with access to business information, including email, social media accounts, and mobile devices that store business files.

The Final Word

It’s crucial to regularly assess your data security in order to protect your business against cyber criminals. The three most common ways to conduct a reliable assessment of your information security are by conducting a self-assessment, hiring an outside agency for assessment, or taking advantage of the free support offered by many online resources.

It can be challenging for businesses in Atlanta, GA, to make time in their schedules every month or quarter (depending on how often they conduct updates) to assess their business security. This is why our team of experts at SureLock Technology is ready and available to provide you an assessment on how best to protect your data from the ever-evolving risks. Please schedule a consultation with us to avail our security assessment services today!