Why Is Preventing Network Downtime So Critical?

Why Is Preventing Network Downtime So Critical?

Preventing network downtime is crucial for any firm. In today’s world, where business operations are dependent on digital solutions, network downtime can cost companies a lot.

After all, if your whole network is down, then no work can be done, which means missed deadlines.

Your services will be temporarily disrupted or ceased, which will directly affect the clients. This could challenge your credibility and reliability, especially if you can’t get the systems up and running soon.

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There are four main costs that all firms have to bear as a result of network downtime, which are:

  • Monetary losses
  • Loss of productivity
  • Wasted working hours
  • Tarnished reputation

There were just a few of the costs firms have to bear.

It might seem like a rare occurrence, but in reality, it isn’t such an unlikely scenario, and we have proof – a survey, a report, and a news piece.

In 2011, CA Technologies surveyed 200 firms across Europe and North America to calculate the titled ‘Calculating the Cost of Data Center Outages.’

According to this study, every minute of downtime costs an average of $5,600. The average length of an incident was 90 minutes, making the cost around $505,500 per incident.

In case of a partial data center outage, lasting approximately 59 minutes, the average cost is around $258,000.

For a total data center outage, with a 134 minute average recovery time, the cost was around $680,000.

; while the highest costing event was worth $1 million.

And if all of the statistics from the different studies and reports weren’t enough, according to Reuters, in May 2017, thousands of passengers of British Airways (BA) were stranded due to downtime issues. It cost the firm approximately $102.19 million.

This is why preventing network downtime is so critical. It can cost your firm millions of dollars, give or take, not to mention other issues.

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