What To Do with All Your Data When You Purchase A New Computer

What To Do with All Your Data When You Purchase A New Computer

Moving to a new office computer can be exciting; saying goodbye to the old system and getting your hands on a sleek, new one with exciting new features is something all everyone looks forward to! However, the transition to a system can be risky as you might lose out on the files stored on the existing system. You need to ensure that all of the required data from your old computer is safely transferred to the new computer.

If you’re wondering how to transfer files from PC to PC, then this tutorial is all you need. In this blog post, we list down four easy ways to transfer essential data from an old PC to a new PC.

One Drive

One Drive is one of the easiest ways to transfer and back up data. The software helps you transfer data from cloud storage to OneDrive. Businesses and offices that have a Microsoft account automatically get 5GB of storage for free. This space might not be a lot, especially if your old PC was functional for a long time. If the amount of free storage does not feed your appetite, you can always go for affordable options with significantly larger storage.

Transferring files from one PC to another is quite simple, especially if you have an excellent internet connection. However, if your internet connectivity is not good enough to transfer large files, then you may face an issue with this option. In this case, you will need the services of a professional company like SureLock Technology in Duluth, GA, to provide you with a solution.

Transfer Cable

We recommend using a transfer cable if you don’t prefer subscribing to cloud storage or a third-party agent. Plug the transfer cable to the USB ports of each PC and transfer data from the old PC’s office folder to another in the new PC. However, remember that a transfer cable does not create any data backup once your files are transferred.

External Hard Drive

Using an external hard drive to transfer files from one place to another gives you the option of backing up your data if anything goes wrong. This is a manual process that involves transferring files from the old computer to the external hard drive and eventually moving those files to the new computer.

However, remember that the external hard drive does not allow users to transfer operating systems; it is used for moving files and folders only.

While the options we mentioned above may sound convenient, they’re all outdated in the professional world. Modern businesses rely on cutting-edge IT infrastructure to secure critical data regardless of how many PCs an employee wishes to change.

A secured business network and security system relieve you of the fear of losing important files. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about recovering lost data.

SureLock Technology offers businesses in Duluth, GA, the service to secure their data in the most convenient and budget-friendly manner possible.

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