What To Do When Your Office Printer Starts Showing Stubbornness

What To Do When Your Office Printer Starts Showing Stubbornness

Printers are critical to any office; if yours shows signs of malfunction or is stubborn, it might become a problem and a hurdle to getting work done. Help yourself by learning basic troubleshooting. SureLock Technologies, serving Atlanta, GA, will walk you through some common issues faced when using printers and how to deal with them.

You Cannot Connect to the Printer.

This is the most common issue faced by people. And sadly, it is the trickiest, as well. If you are unable to connect to your printer, try these fixes.

Is Your Printer Plugged In?

We know! However, sometimes, people overlook this primary step. So, check the connections as the first step.

Restart the Printer

Sometimes, the problem lies in booting and connectivity. The only way to deal with this is to turn the printer off and restart it. The reconnection ought to resolve the problem, allowing you to use the printer.

Deal With Error Messages – If Any

If you are not very tech-minded, there is one thing you can do that requires zero technical skill: follow up on error messages. They will show up on your computer screen – just read them, and you will know what to do.

Your Printer is Too Slow

By making a few changes to your computer, you can optimize it for speed.

Check Your Network Connectivity

Slow printing speed means slow connectivity. Most people connect to their printer via Wi-Fi. This can slow the process down if you have slow Wi-Fi. It is best to reposition your router, in this case, to a more speed-friendly area.

MFP Upgrades

This is your last resort. Modern, faster MFPs are known to print many papers per minute. This offers you not only speed but productivity and efficiency.

The Not So Jammy Paper Jams

We have all seen a paper jam or two. The worst part about these jams is the helplessness; you know the print will get ruined if you force the paper out, or worse, tear.

You can:

  • Ensure you have the right paper size for the tray and choose the right paper size in the settings.
  • Properly loading the paper is also essential. The crooked or damaged paper will not help your case.
  • Do you check your printer and its trays for excessive dust? Some printers can get jammed because of accumulated dust when constantly in use. Run a blower or duster across your printer every once in a while, to be safe.
  • Believe it or not, humidity also causes paper jams. If you have tried everything else, try using a dehumidifier. This will decrease humidity, reducing the likelihood of a paper jam.

Consider replacing your printer or buying a new one should these tips fail!

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