What To Do If Your Phone Falls In Water

What To Do If Your Phone Falls In Water

Our mobile phones are our best friend, alarm clock, source of entertainment, gaming console, calendar, personal assistant, photographer, DJ, means of communication, mall, photo album, and so much more. There is a reason we take our phones everywhere with us, and our noses are constantly glued to their screens. So it is safe to say that if anything happens to our precious babies, then we would have a major breakdown.

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Water is the biggest enemy of cellphones and thus, by default ours. Imagine accidentally dropping your phone in water or spilling some liquid on your phone. If you do not take appropriate action, your phone can stop working altogether. However, while you can’t prevent damage, you can surely minimize it, so your phone is still repairable once the ordeal is over, instead of being fit for nothing else but the recycle bin. Below are the steps you immediately need to follow after dropping your phone in water.

Step – 1

Use paper towels to wipe all liquid from the exterior of your mobile phone.

Step – 2

Switch your phone off if it already hasn’t switched off.

Step – 3

Remove the SIM card, SD card, and any other removable parts from the phone. In older models, there used to be the option where users could manually remove the battery by sliding off the phone’s back case. A feature that is sorely missing in almost every new phone. Once all the parts are removed, dry them off with paper towels.

Step – 4

If you have dropped your phone in the toilet, salty seawater, beverage, or some other liquid, then you need to use disinfectant wipes to clean your phone and all detachable components.

Step – 5

Fill a container with rice, bury your phone in the rice grains and leave overnight. However, the rice remedy may or may not work as rice is an inferior absorbent. Put your phone in a clear plastic bag with three or four Silica gel packets and leave for a few hours. Silica gel is a highly effective desiccant. It will dry out all moisture that has seeped inside the phone.

Step – 6

Switch the phone on and check if your phone is working properly. Even if your phone starts working, monitor its performance for problems. Whether there are any issues with your device after this is not, it is safe to take your phone to the repair shop.

Getting your phone checked by an expert is imperative to retain your device’s optimum performance and functionality. If possible, take your phone directly to an expert as soon as it falls in water instead of attempting to revive it yourself because some attempts can backfire, leaving you with no other option but to buy a new mobile. For example, trying to switch the phone on directly after it gets wet will push water deeper into the device and possibly destroy the motherboard. Also, using hot air from a hairdryer to evaporate the moisture inside your mobile device can fry the circuits. So save yourself the trouble and protect your device by option for professional care.

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