Top 6 Data Integration Solutions For 2021

Top 6 Data Integration Solutions For 2021

Data integration is the process of combining, presenting, and cleaning data from different sources into a unified form that has only valuable and meaningful information.

Businesses store their data in a multitude of repositories, databases, file systems, and data lakes in various formats. Data rapidly multiplies every day, but not all of it is useful. There is outdated, incomplete, compromised, inconsistent, or simply “bad” data, all of which can affect the bottom line of a business. Thus, automated data integration and data management processes are necessary for companies to extract analysis-worthy information from this deluge of big data. Tackling all this data can prove to be a Herculean task due to the sheer volume and velocity of incoming data. However, you can tackle this by using various solutions offered by data integration experts.

A complete data integration solution delivers data from various cloud and on-premises sources to support a business-ready trusted data pipeline for DataOps. Below are the top six data integration solutions for 2021.


Xplenty is a cloud-based ETL solution that needs no coding or deployment and can provide simple visualized data pipelines for automated data flows across various sources. Its on-platform transformation tools allow you to clean, normalize and transform data while adhering to the compliance best practices. It has a point-and-click interface that allows simple data integration, preparation, and processing. Also, users can easily read and write data to/from private cloud environments, on-premise locations, public cloud providers, and over the internet.

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi’s flexible, intelligent, and scalable platform quickly and easily unites everyone and everything in your digital ecosystem across various devices, channels, and platforms to speed up the flow of information, innovations, and interactions allowing you to achieve better business outcomes faster.


SnapLogic is the leader in self-service integration; it offers enterprise cloud and big data integration solutions. SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform makes it quick and easy to connect data, applications, APIs, and more.


Jitterbit combines the power of APIs, data integration, and artificial intelligence. Businesses can use the Jitterbit API integration platform to rapidly connect SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications and infuse AI into any business process. Also, its intuitive API creation technology allows businesses to reuse business-critical data and applications to bring new offerings much faster. is a modern iPaaS platform that connects all your cloud applications and apps from a library of over 200 integrations to automate your sales, marketing, or business processes through ready-made templates. Using, businesses can create complex workflows or simple one-to-one integrations without coding through a drag-and-drop interface.


Qlik’s QlikView is a classic analytics solution that revolutionizes the way organizations use data with intuitive visual discovery that puts business intelligence in the hands of more people.

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