Own A Small Business? Here’s Why You Need Microsoft Azure When Switching To Cloud Computing

Own A Small Business? Here’s Why You Need Microsoft Azure When Switching To Cloud Computing

Businesses of all sizes are leveraging the power of cloud computing to gain a competitive advantage, boost efficiency, and become more profitable. 

Cloud technology has amazing potential for small businesses as well. But the real challenge is to find a migration-friendly cloud provider. 

Like most Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and SMEs should also consider Microsoft Azure. Azure has a moderate pricing policy, and it is scalable and migration-friendly. These and other qualities make it the perfect fit for small companies. 

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In today’s blog post, we talk about why you should choose Azure for your cloud storage needs.

Easy Data Storage

Firstly, Azure provides managed support for your data needs. The cloud computing service allows for scalable data storage to meet your company’s growing data and performance needs. For instance, you can use Azure Blobs to store unstructured data and use data analytics capabilities to make sense of it. Or you can use Azure Files for quick data migration without any coding. 

Enhanced Productivity With Microsoft SaaS Integration

Secondly, you can seamlessly integrate Azure with Microsoft SaaS products. This boosts your team’s productivity and provides advanced analytics. 

Need to perform task management or document processing workflows? Simply embed SharePoint in your Azure environment. You can also use Power BI to get insights from unstructured data stored on the cloud. 

Secure Communications 

Moving in, Azure comes with its own email server, Microsoft Exchange Online. Since it is hosted on the cloud, you don’t have to update your email servers manually. Mailboxes up to 50 GB are protected with antispam and antimalware and have mobile access capability as well. 

Plus, you can sync Exchange Online with Azure Active Directory for backup access and management. 

Unsurpassed Performance

Microsoft’s ubiquitous global footprint gives Azure an edge over other cloud services. No matter where you are located, Azure will route data streams to/from the nearest services. This reduces response latency and creates high-performance websites and apps. 

Azure can also be scaled to handle traffic surges. The availability of Azure cloud storage facilities also makes it easier to migrate data and applications no matter where you are working from. 

Secure Backup And Recovery

Azure Backup provides secure backup with encryption and multifactor authentication. According to the timestamp, the service creates snapshots to restore the data and functionality of your website and apps.  

You can make your Azure environment more secure with firewall services. Not to mention, the Security Center program also monitors the system to detect threats and misconfigurations and provides alerts on how to deal with them. 

Azure services are also HIPAA-compliant, which is an added advantage if you require your customers to provide their health information. 


Azure’s pay-as-you-go model enables you to spend money on your existing cloud needs for small businesses with limited resources. You can then upgrade or remove services as the need arises.

Overall, moving to the cloud also slashes your IT administration costs. If you need help with cloud migration for your small business in Lawrenceville, GA, and the Metro Atlanta areaclick here to get a free estimate from SureLock TechnologyWe are an all-inclusive managed IT service company.