Imagine Scenarios: Why Your Business Needs To Upgrade To Robust Security Designs

Imagine Scenarios: Why Your Business Needs To Upgrade To Robust Security Designs

Businesses, big and small, demand some form of security and surveillance. A business has four significant tenets to protect it from being hurt by intentional malicious intent: productivity, revenue, data, and brand. One cannot read the minds of their employees or clients to determine what they are capable of if granted unsupervised access to company trade secrets. One way to deal with this is setting up secure checkpoints: digital and physical. All employee and client activities should be logged.

It’s unfortunate when even today, reputable business establishments think a mere team of muscled guards wielding firearms will be enough to protect against industrial spies, heists, burglaries, and cyber-attacks or data breaches.

As concerned security experts, we must caution you to adapt to better security designs before your organization becomes a statistic on a cybercrime-hit website for Lawrenceville. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Discrete Data Breaches – The world has gone digital and left any business connected to a network at the mercy of the hack-savvy phisher. If your office desktop is subject to many emails from institutions unknown, asking for innocent details like your pet’s or mother’s maiden name or your credit card details for a resubscribing to some obscure journal, don’t share anything. Yes, we know about the Nigerian prince scam too! Either put up a filter or hire a security firm to design and deploy a secured digital communication channel for your organization.
  2. Sneaky Espionage – So you’re the successful lawyer from an upcoming law firm involved in a class-action lawsuit. Threats have been high from the defense so, one evening you decide for some me-time and invite over a date. The following day, your witness lists and litigations are gone from your company laptop, along with the femme fatale. The defense coerced the witnesses and you lost the case; wiped from the competition. It would have helped if your office devices had a biometric two-step authentication security design.
  3. Compromised Paperwork – No matter how old, business and legal documentation should never be thrown into the trash where an observer might gain access to them with wrong motives. Either incinerate or shred the documents to maintain physical data security, do not tear them to a jigsaw puzzle. Have your security team arrange for a suitable incineration or shredding setup in-house.
  4. Loose Client Data – Big data is quite the buzzword in online media marketing and user data studies. If your company networks are not based on secure channels or belong to a 3rd party (like Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), then your business’ information is liable to be used in ways you may disagree with. The intelligent thing to do is to have a customized, exclusive, and encrypted communications platform developed for your team and clients.
  5. Wi-fi Encryption – It is very easy to hack Wi-fi passwords and then intercept the data going back-and-forth between a wi-fi router and the recipient device and then hijack it. The hacker can then extract information, plant malware on the company network, or compromise electronic finances. Always keep an eye out for suspicious data traffic on the company router, keep alphanumeric passwords, and never keep default settings.

At Surelock Technology, all the above are cyber & physical threats with effects bad enough to bankrupt or destroy your businesses. You can take an active step towards training your personnel in security protocols and adopting more technological security & network designs that we offer. You may start by contacting us for a free analysis of your current security design, and we will find and improve upon the vulnerabilities.

We’re here to protect your business!