Deploying The ‘Right’ Backup Strategy For Your Business’ Data Security In The 21st Century!

Deploying The ‘Right’ Backup Strategy For Your Business’ Data Security In The 21st Century!

Backups are redundant copies of data made for data safety & retrieval. In the case of IT-security companies like Surelock Technology, client & company data forms the brunt of the data collected over continuous extended periods. Since so many internals may have authorized access to analyze and process the data for business operations, the need arises for fast data retrieval, storage space, and recovery contingencies.

Our cloud solutions allow our clients’ safe data management with due consideration to storage space, retrieval time, & restore speeds across multiple servers hosted physically by a data company. Depending on the client’s needs, the security design is programmed for an appropriate backup & retrieval system.

Types Of Backups:

Full Backup: All surveillance audio & visual files are backed up by aggregate each day. The loss of one file followed by a subsequent backup will give you the restored version without the lost file. This method is legacy and takes up a lot of space.

Differential Backup: This mode of backup only makes a copy of the files that have been changed since the last version. The unchanged files remain uncopied. Any data lost before a backup is recovered at its previous version before the latest backup. Retrieval is easy as only one full backup and one latest altered backup are needed for restore.

Incremental Backup: The first backup is full, just like those mentioned above. The data is then backup up as per the subsequent changes to the previous backup. This mode allows fast surveillance backups with easy data retrieval for businesses.

The Best Backup Strategy for Business & Client Data:

If Your Business Is Small-Scale or Commercial:

Low volume and limited data storage are suitable for client data security on a personal workstation, so incremental storage on a cloud platform is the way to go for small-scale businesses. You have fast data retrieval with optimal space and zero losses. And you can keep vital data on your device.

If Your Business Is a Corporate Establishment:

High-volume client data & complex networking in bustling setups usually go best with a full & incremental backup. Incremental backups are fast at being retrieved but consume time on restoration if contingent events occur. Such backups are valuable in contributing to big-data research and machine learning in addition to business data security.

If Your Business Is Government Contracting:

Full & differential backups are the way to go. Agreed; differential backups take up way too much space and are slow at data retrieval, but their restoration speeds are a marvel. With so much scrutiny and secrecy maintained throughout such institutions in the name of homeland security, the need to restore multiple time-stamped versions of the duplicate data files helps to overlap any vulnerabilities in data security & restore losses. 

Surelock Technology has far more in store on the intricacies of cloud data management and the details on our extensive network security SaaS solutions that we would be more than happy to acquaint you with. We have dealt in various successful security projects across Georgia and are particularly active in Loganville.

In case you need our cutting-edge dexterous services to get your business networking secured on all fronts, digital, data, & cyber, Surelock Technology is way ahead of the curve!

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