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Cybersecurity For Small Businesses & Remote Workers: How HP Can Help

In today’s tech-based marketplace, businesses are left with no choice but to create and maintain a secure environment to operate their technology.

This is all the more important for SMEs that, more often than not, are running without the budget and human resources for hardware and software maintenance, let alone cybersecurity.

At SureLock Technology, we take your business’s privacy and protection seriously. Small businesses and B2B companies in Suwannee and the wider Metro Atlanta area can reach us for security assessments, cybersecurity services, and managed support. Click here to get a free estimate.

The best way to protect your business’ data from hackers is to choose technology where security features prominently in its design and production, such as HP PCs for small businesses. But before discussing solutions, let’s briefly explore why SMEs should focus on data privacy and security in the first place.

Identifying Risks

There was a time when hackers went on a spree, targeting large enterprises one after the other. Sony Pictures, Google, and Facebook became victims of such attacks in 2013-2015, resulting in financial damages of around $200 million collectively.

But as large enterprises have quadrupled their security, hackers have found a ready and vulnerable target in small businesses. They can disrupt businesses, steal data, or demand a ransom.

And COVID-19 has taken these threats up a notch.

Phishing, Coronavirus, And Remote Work

Google detected a twofold growth of phishing sites in the first quarter of 2020. Moreover, more than 25% of data breaches reported this year targeted SMEs, companies that were not prepared to avoid or respond to such attacks. As a result, almost 1 in 7 small companies have been victims of a cyber attack during the pandemic.

The new dynamics of remote work also make it difficult for companies to manage security. Hackers can also find their way into your remote employees’ smart home systems.

To sum up, a lack of security harms your business and also puts your employees at risk. Plus, a disruption to your business means you cannot serve your clients, who, in turn, cannot service their customers. It’s a vicious cycle.

HP Security Solutions For SMEs

HP PCs are highly recommended for small companies because these devices are designed to mitigate risks. HP computers come with their signature Essential Security, including trademark security features like Sure Sense and Sure Click;

Sure Sense, for instance, ‘senses’ malicious activity with its deep learning capabilities. It detects potential phishing sites and alerts users not to enter any sensitive information on these sites.

If you are already using HP computers in your office, consider upgrading to HP Pro Security for an added layer of comprehensive, managed endpoint security. The Pro Security suite secures entry/endpoints of end-users PCs and mobile devices, offering much-needed protection for remote work.

If you need help making your B2B company secure in Suwannee and the Metro Atlanta area, click here to get a free estimate from SureLock Technology, an all-inclusive managed IT service company. We will help you identify weaknesses in your technology environment and offer solutions to keep hackers at bay.