8 Office Computer Problems (And What To Do About Them)

8 Office Computer Problems (And What To Do About Them)

Did your office computer stop working (again)? As frustrating as that is, computer problems are common in offices in Suwanee and all over the Atlanta Metro area.

Most of these you can solve on your own. And then you always have the IT guy. 

For all other problems, you can count on SureLock Technology. We even come to your office to perform repairs (click here to learn more). This article will list the 8 most common office computer issues and what you can do about them.

1. Slow Internet

Sometimes your computer refuses to connect to the Wi-Fi, or you experience dead slow internet. If that happens, trying clearing your browser history and clear cookies. These are bits of information extracted from the websites your visit and are stored on your computer. And a cookie overload can lead to poor internet performance. 

2. Error Messaging 

Sometimes you are unable to launch an application because the computer shows error or missing messages. This is probably due to missing DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files. These files contain information necessary to run specific functions and applications on your computer. In the case of missing or damaged DLL files, you need to download them once again to resume operations. 

3. Computer Hangs Up 

More often than not, the computer screen freezes while you’re doing something important. Computers can hang due to several reasons, including:

  • Low storage or memory
  • Missing or broken files
  • Spyware
  • Registry conflicts

In most cases, simply rebooting the CPU does the job. 

4. Dead Computer

It’s frustrating when your computer shuts down while you’re working. What’s more frustrating is if it doesn’t start again. This can be serious, or something as trivial as a loose plug or socket. If your computer doesn’t start, check the plug. If it still won’t, call the experts. 

5. Weird Noises

Watch out for exceptionally noisy computers. Weird noises can be attributed to anything, from a damaged fan or a malfunctioning hard drive. You may be able to complete your office tasks on a noisy computer, but we suggest that you get it checked right away. 

6. Slow Performance

A slow computer is terrible for business. Like most common computer problems, restarting can save the day. You should also run anti-virus to see where the problem lies. 

7. Heating Computers

Is your computer heating up lately? This is also indicative of malfunctioning hardware, or your computer is being ‘overused,’ so to speak. Get someone to look at the fan and do a systems check to see if any application is burdening the RAM.

8. No Data Backup

Our final computer problem on this list is not a technical problem per se. It’s more of a negligence issue.

Businesses can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in case of data loss. This can be avoided with a consistent backup that protects your business information if your office computers break down or get damaged.

In the end, remember that computer issues are inevitable, and it’s not something to lose your sleep over. At SureLock Technology, we can help you be at ease with your computer woes with our valet service in Suwanee and all over Atlanta MetroClick here to learn more about our services.