6 Reasons Why Your IT Business Should Look Into Having A Network Audit

6 Reasons Why Your IT Business Should Look Into Having A Network Audit

Businesses worldwide have their own IT network and infrastructure in place that monitors, records, and aids in carrying out all business operations. Companies are heavily dependent on this. One small glitch can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars by the minute.

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Times are changing, and with it, tech scape is also rapidly evolving, which means your network needs to stay up to date with the new changes and developments. An outdated or vulnerable network will cause major problems for you. So it is imperative to get your IT infrastructure assessed every now and then.

A network audit is an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure that identifies vulnerabilities, security risks, and any room for improvement in your network, causing harm.

Below are six reasons why it is vital to have a network audit done.

Network Improvement

A network audit highlight all areas in your IT infrastructure that require improvement. Your network might be perfect for the times before, but it might be outdated as per the current time.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, network attacks and cyber crimes have increased sizably. Hackers and cybercriminals are coming up with smarter and more untraceable ways to achieve their goals by outsmarting your network. Other issues can include incorrect system settings, performance blockers, and more.

Data Management

Data loss and recovery are both time consuming and costly. They can affect your operations and reputation. However, you can avoid all that with a few upgrades and fixings identified during a network audit.

Production delays

Network issues can cause delays in production, resulting in missed deadlines, user frustration, and a tarnished reputation. A slow or inefficient system can make any process mundane or cause frustration and take a toll on employees’ productivity levels, eventually affecting company growth.

Hardware Upgradation

A network audit helps identify and project if the current hardware can effectively meet current and future needs. You can replace outdated equipment for faster and more secure tech. If your storage space is reaching full capacity, you can get your disks or drives replaced before any data is lost.

Software Inventory

A network audit will identify all software applications present on your system. This will help you know if an employee has installed a malicious application for data theft or if an unsafe application is present on the network. Any such software can be removed before the network is compromised.


Fixing an issue after the damage is already done can only prevent future problems, but it can’t undo what has already been done. Network audits are a way of staying proactive so you can fix an issue or blind spot before it can cause any further damage.

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