5 Latest Alarming Trends In Cybersecurity

5 Latest Alarming Trends In Cybersecurity

During the past year, we have seen a surge in cyberattacks and information security breaches. This has made cybersecurity a priority for all businesses. Companies like SureLock Technology in Lawrenceville, GA, are entering this arena with dynamic solutions for business operations, computer networking, databases, and cybersecurity.

1. Online Fraud is Seriously Threatening the Existing Defenses

While the current generation of defenses is showing signs of aging, online scammers’ tools have evolved dramatically over the past five years. Cyberattackers are now far better equipped to imitate their victims’ behavior (even in their home environment). This allows them to bypass multifactor authentication and various other measures based on risk assessment (including limiting).

The tools that enable this type of approach are still in their infancy yet, forcing businesses to reassess their defenses and better prepare for such threats as they become more sophisticated.

2. 3D Printers Are Challenging Biometric Security

Initially sold to the public as expensive toys for innovation enthusiasts, 3D printers now cost less than a Nintendo console. 3D printed faces and fingerprints are capable of cheating biometric authentication – this is no longer science fiction. Achieving this level of sophistication does not require scanning the victim in high definition because biometric authentication relies on a probabilistic approach. A printable “master key” could then look more like an assortment of assembled modules than an actual replica of a person’s face or fingerprints.

3. Edge Security Protecting the Data in Transition

Routing data across the Internet only to get it rejected due to invalidity is a waste of resources. Internet bandwidth and telecom budgets are limited. Migrating security features such as bot protection or data validation at the edge will reduce both processing time and bandwidth costs.

4. Rust & Wasm Will Change Application Security

WebAssembly (Wasm) started as an alternative runtime for web browsers – a sort of add-on to JavaScript. However, it is emerging as an ultralight, ultraportable way to run binaries on the server, browser, edge of networks, etc.

The Rust language became popular with an emphasis on memory security, which is the root cause of significant security issues. It also has the best support for Wasm. The combination of these two technologies can signal fundamental changes in web application development.

5. A Wave of Data Leaks at the End of 2021

The work environment dramatically changed in 2020 during the pandemic. Millions of workers started working from their homes, and IT systems had to follow. Remote working has opened the doors for security breaches. The criteria and indicators that make it possible to identify a data breach have changed.

It will take some time for businesses to meet the security challenges of the new normal, however SureLock Technologys IT support, Cybersecurity services, and Security Assessment services are here to help businesses in Lawrenceville, GA, meet the cybersecurity challenges of the future. Reach out to us for consultation or get a free quote today!