4 Easy Tips To Keeping Your Manufacturing Business Safe From Cybersecurity Threats

4 Easy Tips To Keeping Your Manufacturing Business Safe From Cybersecurity Threats

Once considered an issue in technology companies, cybersecurity is now an integral part of all industries, including the manufacturing industry. As the latest technology permeates your business, the risk of cybercrimes also increases. And failure to deal with cyber threats has far-reaching consequences. 

According to various studies, manufacturing is one of the top industries at risk of cybercrimes. Since most manufacturing operations are done on a large scale, even an attack on a single configuration file has a snowball effect. Yet, most manufacturers we talk to remain clueless on how to protect their business from these threats. 

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Today, we will list down four ways you can keep your manufacturing business safe from cybersecurity threats.

1. Get Everyone Onboard

Firstly, you need to understand that cybersecurity is an organizational effort and not a solo task. Protecting your machinery and software starts at the foundation, and you need to have the proper systems in place. 

For example, your manufacturing plant should have fences, cameras, biometrics, and access card readers to restrict access to sensitive equipment. 

Moreover, your staff should be trained on the dangers of cyber crimes and how to prevent unauthorized access. Many security breaches occur due to employee negligence, which makes training all the more necessary. 

More importantly, your computers should be up-to-date with the latest security measures and certifications.   

2. Secure Automation Systems

Secondly, since manufacturing involves automated processes that require little or no supervision, it creates an easy target for cybercrimes. Criminals can hack the systems and networks without anyone noticing. 

To prevent this, you need to install monitoring tools that detect unauthorized or unusual behavior. And it goes without saying that automated networks should be protected by a firewall. You should go one step further and get the program completely locked down if there is any unauthorized access.  

3. Hold Third Parties Accountable

Your manufacturing business will also involve working with vendors, suppliers, and other third parties. These can also be a source of cybersecurity threats for your business. That is why you need to include security guidelines and protocols in all your partner agreements. 

This follows from the first point about getting everyone on board. You should also find out what kind of tools and systems your vendors and partners are using for cybersecurity.

4. Create A Response Plan  

Finally, you need to have an incident plan in place to protect your business in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Most business owners spend most of their time and money, installing preventative measures with little or no knowledge of dealing with cyber attacks.

Attackers continue to lurk around, steal data, and cause damage once they gain access to a network or system. That’s why you need to work with professionals and draft an incident response plan to protect your operations in the event of an attack. 

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