3 Simple Steps Of Setting A Private Mobile Network For Your Business

3 Simple Steps Of Setting A Private Mobile Network For Your Business

What happens when you aren’t at the office physically? The answer is; a lot that you end up missing. If you are used to working from the office, you end up losing efficiency during the adoption of short-term solutions. You lose vital memos, chunks of communication, tasks, and information that falls through the cracks.

2020 is the year of remote working. People around the world are working remotely. And with thousands of miles between them, how can effective communication be established? The answer is a private mobile network.

Instead of depending on third party communication channels, companies can set up a private mobile network for effective communication. They don’t have to pay or depend on a third party service.

Also, organizations get complete control over the private mobile network. With a third party network, they get no say in the operations. However, this solution allows them to set their own systems and rules like call recording, voicemail, call routing, internal business phone numbers, and texting.

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Let’s have a look at how to set up a private mobile network in three simple steps.

1. Contact SureLock Technology

Place a call to our company to speak to an agent. Our representative will guide you through all the options and plans to help you choose what best fits your organization’s needs.

Our expert will tell you all that needs to be set up to establish your private mobile network. We will also assign SIM cards to your employees to turn your phone into a channel for personal and professional communication.

2. Choose A System

With full access to choose from all systems that we offer, we can set up a private mobile network that caters to all your company’s and employees’ needs.

Do you want to give employees the option of voicemail? Is it a bad idea to allow call recording? Is texting an important form of communication?

Answering all these questions will help you narrow down your needs.

You don’t need to download any additional apps to handle the workings of this network. All that you need is to choose your systems.

3. Train your employees

Regardless of how well-tailored and easy to use a system is, there is an adjustment period. During this period, employees are bound to make a lot of mistakes. To make it easier for employees to get the hang of it, give them training on how to use and benefit from the private mobile network.

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