3 Secure Database Solutions That Will Benefit Your Analytics Intensive Business

3 Secure Database Solutions That Will Benefit Your Analytics Intensive Business

Coming under IT Management, database software is a utility program that essentially manages your data and records across a network. It’s a ledger of sorts that allows you to store data entries, extrapolate trends across them, manipulate, extract or automate computations between files to provide concise information. You have database management (DBMS) and relational database management systems (RDBMS).

With secure databases, structured query language (SQL) is employed in order to better manage and share records of complex data between shareholders. The market is brimming with excellent database software that comes as custom modules, online-subscription, opensource and free.

Here we have three picks of DBMS software that would help you leverage your marketing data analytics in a profitable direction.


If you want hassle-free, high computational power with multi-platform compatibility and no in-depth SQL knowledge required, Knack has the knack for it!


  1. Quickly the most accessible database tool on the market that requires no coding background.
  1. This SaaS-based database tool allows easy structuring, connecting, sharing, and manipulation of data.
  1. The application programming interface allows online tool integration. You can easily extend your data analytics to get the most out of customer data.
  1. Around 40 templates to choose from, depending on your organization’s needs. You can have multiple modules catering to customers, projects, and procurement, finance and HR, etc.
  1. Offers trial periods and pricing plans for a fully loaded online database tool that any businesses can use to gain an edge.


If you need data aggregation across businesses in real-time on a budget, but with style, Improvado offers a scalable database solution.


  1. This online tool allows seamless integration with 3rd party tools, including Google, Excel, social media platforms like Twitter, BigQuery, Salesforce, MailChimp, and many others.
  1. Its intuitive dashboard allows for easy data extraction, real-time manipulation & integration, data comparison, and visualization using Google Data Studio & Sheets.
  1. Updates and statuses are immediately available.
  1. Its automated report systems help reduce the need for manual reporting by 90%.
  1. Data recovery & backup, secure servers, and an excellent customer support team make Improvado your best go-to solution for insightful analytics.

Microsoft SQL Server!

This RDBMS online database tool is among the most sought-after software packages that extends tendrils into every database management method imaginable.

  1. Performs excellently in processing raw data into analytical insights that can be accessed on any platform or mobile device.
  1. The express and developer versions of the software are available freely and capable of handling advanced & improved SQL processing and multi-platform integration.
  1. SQL Server is exceptionally easy to set up and start creating a multitude of data visualizations without typing any syntax.
  1. Despite the long query execution taking up much time, the tool is way more powerful than Microsoft Access.
  1. Apart from the free versions, the paid plans offer much more in data processing and management at a reasonable and expected premium price on the market.

At Surelock Technology, an IT Department is never complete without a secure database management system, and that’s what our picks offer. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need our IT consultancy services to create a more robust and secure database & networking design for your business in Lawrenceville, GA!

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